Support Young Women of The Master's University

We want to present our listeners an opportunity to partner with us in supporting young women interested in attending The Master’s University by providing scholarship assistance. Every year we come across young women who have grown up in various hardship situations; sometimes with no family whatsoever, basically on their own, but who have a desire to attend TMU. Our heart goes out to these young women. They love the Lord, they are hardworking, but they have no resources to speak of. We want to do all that we can to try and help bring them into the University to receive the Christ-centered, Scripture-based education and discipleship they have such a strong desire for.

If you are a listener who would like to support young women coming from these kinds of difficult circumstances, The Founders’ Fund is a great way to do that. The Founders’ Fund provides scholarship assistance for new, transferring, and current TMU students. All of the funds are specifically designated to bridge the financial gap for students who have been admitted to The Master’s University but are unable to enroll because they don’t have the financial means to make that happen. This is a great way to help us continue to minister to these young women who love the Lord and The Master’s University.